Pottery Asia is a high-class pottery ware manufacturer. We bring to customers in our country and around the world a wide range of ceramic tableware. Customers all the world can import porcelain dishes from us with the best wholesale prices as committed. The wholesalers can contact us for the best deal price according to the order quantity.


Provide beautiful and quality porcelain dishes

Porcelain dishes and plates imported from Vietnam are present in many countries around the world. Ceramic tableware have high quality. Our factory produces a variety of porcelain dishes in classical, modern and luxurious style. Commitment to distribute dishes at the best price on the domestic and international market.

Besides, we also provide many other types of ceramic products. Especially semi-finished ceramic products, unglazed ceramic products. Good sales and discount policies. Fast process, simple procedures.

Provide beautiful and quality porcelain dishes
Provide beautiful and quality porcelain dishes


Beautiful dinnerware sets and decorative ceramic products

Pottery Asia manufacturer produces a wide range of ceramic products. Ceramic items are available in large quantities. Besides, customers can also order ceramic products on request.

We has been a reputable large-scale ceramic supplier for many years. Because we are the original manufacturer, without intermediaries. We are committed to providing our customers with high-class dishes at the best wholesale prices. 

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ceramic tableware wholesale vietnam. Beautiful dinnerware sets and decorative ceramic products
Beautiful dinnerware sets and decorative ceramic products

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Pottery Asia is a company specialized in manufacturing and supplying products from ceramics. We serve the ceramics segment for domestic and international markets. Quality of ceramic items are guaranteed while transporting to customers.

For photos and samples of available ceramic products, visit our website. Customers need more information and quotations, please contact us via email.



You can refer to ceramic products, pottery, plant pots, tableware and other products at our website. We also export many processed ceramic products to foreign countries. If you need more information, please contact us via email: 

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