In the domestic and international ceramics market, ceramic products from Vietnam are assessed to be of good quality and price. Pottery Asia is a large-scale ceramics factory in Vietnam. We offer many different kinds of ceramic items. At the same time we also export ceramics to partner countries around the world.



Diverse product lines of ceramics

Ceramics produced at Pottery Asia have a variety of products. Among them, especially favored by the international market is ceramic pots. We export beautiful decorative porcelain pots for houses and gardens to many countries around the world.

  • Terracotta: terracotta jar, terracotta jug, terracotta vase, terracotta vessel, flower pots
  • Rustic Pottery: decorative ceramic pots, gardenware, large ceramic planter.
  • Glazed Ceramics: all kinds of glazed ceramic
  • Clayware: clay pots, clay decorware, cooking pots,
  • Earthenware: earthenware table lamps, earthenware tea cups. earthenware water pot, earthenware water jug, teapots
  • Unglazed Ceramics: supply products on request. We process ceramic for foreign markets. We supply finished ceramic and produce semi-finished ceramic (unglazed ceramic).
Diverse product lines of ceramics
Diverse product lines of ceramics

Ceramics import from Pottery Asia – Vietnam

Pottery Asia has many years of experience in manufacturing and exporting ceramic. We are a ceramic factory in Vietnam, originating from the traditional ceramic village. We give our customers the best assurance and reputation. Pottery Asia’s partner countries include: USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Japan, Korea and many other countries.

ceramic tableware wholesale vietnam. Ceramics import from Pottery Asia - Vietnam
Ceramics import from Pottery Asia – Vietnam

Refer to ceramic products

Customers wishing to order ceramic products domestically or for export, please contact Pottery Asia. Our factory accepts to produce all current popular ceramic. Besides, customers can order production upon request.

For photos and models of available ceramic products, you can visit our website: https://potteryasia.com



You can refer to ceramic products, pottery, plant pots, tableware and other products at our website. We also export many processed ceramic products to foreign countries. If you need more information, please contact us via email:


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